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Warner Bros have been steady releasing LEGO games on iOS for the past 2-3 years using different dev studios but recently Tt Games have the best MFi controller support.
Most of the games released recently support MFi Game Controllers, find below a list of Compatible MFi Games and also some partially supported games from different studios.

Controller Supported Games

  1. $$$$----The LEGO® Movie Video Game-Image
  2. $$$$----LEGO® The Lord of the RingsImage
  3. FREE----LEGO® Star Wars™: The Complete SagaImage

Partially Controller Supported Games

Some releases have partially implemented controller support, hopefully game devs will fully support them in future updates, i will attempt to acknowledge the issues to outline what needs to be addressed.

LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below By Amuzo Games Ltd
Although all the controls are assigned to the controller they are messy and need re-organising, this should be a simple update.

  • Left Analogue Stick - Control Character Movement Left & Right <-- OK
  • D-Pad Right or Pause Button - Fire Gun <--needs to be assigned to A button
  • D-Pad Up - Jump <--needs to be assigned to B button
  • D-Pad Down / R1 or L2 - Pause Game <--needs only to be assigned to pause button
  • Additional - Make D-Pad L/R same as Left Analogue Stick control
LEGO® City My City By The LEGO Group
Strange one this as some of the sub games like the Police Officer missions using the controller is fine to chase down & catch the bad guys.
  • Driving Missions Fire Fighter/Police Car/Transporter Chase levels where you steer a vehicle around the city initially controller starts to steer ok, then stops and goes to gyroscope input only?, also you can see the front wheels turning Left & Right as you move the Left analogue stick but no direction control is input.
  • Flying Missons/Snow Mobile/Swamp Boat missions there is no controller input.
  • Train Cargo Delivery Mission there is no controller input.
  • Fire Fighter (Extinguish Fires) there is no controller input.
LEGO® Legends of CHIMA: Speedorz™ By Tt Games
  • Left Analogue Stick - Control Car Driving Left & Right <-- OK
  • Turbo - <---There is no Controller Button assigned for this action & you need to use the onscreen button (Simple Fix in an update!)

Controller NOT YET Supported Games (but would benefit greatly having support)
These games do not have controller support yet, but are the style of games that would play much,much better with a controller over touchscreen, come on dev's!
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