Broken MFi Games

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Broken MFi Games

PostPosted by Administrator » Sat Jan 31, 2015 2:19 am

I've been testing "a lot" of games recently heres a list of games i have not listed, but partially support MFi Game Controllers, Maybe the dev's will see this report this and update their Apps with full support? Here's hoping
My main goal is to make the game better for "we the players", hope you find this an amusing read.
BTW all listed are FREE you can download if you want.

Last Update: 31st January 2015

    OK First Off:-

    1. FREE----The Witcher Battle Arena
      Strange this one, as Full controller support initially looks promising with menus implemented nicely.
      And shoulder buttons ,A,B,X,Y all doing the correct inputs in game.
      The issue arises when you actually try to play the game , try moving your character in the battle arena with the Left Analogue stick & Right analogue stick for aiming.
      There is no moving or aiming input! instead it brings up the menu when you try to move your character.
      Also a minor issue is graphically. the A,B,X,Y onscreen buttons are the wrong colours!
      Note: The Witcher Battle Arena was updated on Feb12th 2015 to version 1.0.7, This version disables all previous MFi Controller Support!

    2. FREE----ShaqDown 2
      Yes it's your favorite old school basketball star back again, but what's he been upto these days since leaving NBA? Yes you guessed it! he's a master in trained martial arts, and is now fighting zombies in a post apocalyptic high school environment, because who isn't these days?.. right?.
      OK controlling your beefed up Shaq O'Neal with the Left Analogue stick is perfect.. and that's where controller support ends!
      It would be nice if we could actually "fight back" with some slick A,B,X,Y action button basketball/kung fu moves, instead i'm running aimlessly around avoiding hungry zombies...forever..

    3. FREE----Kingdom Conquest 2
      Pretty much the same issues as Shaq, I am a valiant Knight this time,check out my oversized sword! looks dangerous right? Well It would be absolutely lethal if i could actually use it..Yep you guessed it..You can move the main character around perfectly with the Left Analogue Stick, NO Fighing actions assigned to the controller A,B,X,Y buttons,sigh ;(

    4. FREE----Don't Shoot Yourself
      "Literally i'm Thinking Laterally" Controller support seems good... initially, controlling your tiny spaceship inside the circle whilst avoiding your own lasers that bounce off the walls is a breeze with the left analogue stick, Level 1 complete! no problem :)
      Ok lets proceed to Level 2 .. i'm ready!... Ok still waiting... level 2...GO!..hmm why can i still wander around the screen?
      And this is the problem/bug. using an MFi controller the game breaks after completing Level 1, you can just fly around the screen forever at your leisure, which gets boring very quickly.

    5. FREE----Brother's in Arms 3 (Son's of War)
      Should actually read "Discover Experimental MFi Controller support!"
      Highly awaited this release, as GAMELOFT promised...they promised man!! MFi Controller Support on release (check it here), We'll update it in the future excuse is wearing thin now (that goes for MC5 also!)
      Can someone tell the GL Dev's teams "You are making FPS games!" Controller support for this genre is a PRIORITY! not something to be added at mythical date in the future, infact we wont support it, your will just forget about it and look,look MC6 and BIA4 are coming!
      By the why don't you dare do this to us on Dungeon Hunter 5 as Dungeon Hunter 4 has perfect MFi Controller Support and the same dev team developer DH5, no excuses.
      Sorry if i go on a bit about GAMELOFT but it seems they just don't care about making potentially great games by addressing the main input styles for the targeted genre.
      Updated on 25thFeb 2015, now supports MFi Game Controllers!


      When the sport of "Soccer" was originally invented way back in 190BC the designer made the "FootBall" A "FootCube" basically a block of wood (like from minecraft), the very notion of "round things" in those days was insane, the ramblings of madmen, everyone knows the earth is flat!
      League Players quickly complained about sore toes and lack of physical momentum when kicking the "FootCube"
      Archemedes (centre forward for Athens FC) stated : the trajectory & velocity of said footcube could be vastly improved if we re-designed the shape into a sphere! .. FIFA Officials where in arms, an uproar at the highest levels of power..they muttered amongst themselves but instead of admitting he was correct they persecuted him on the pitch, every FIFA Ref was out for him, until the final straw came in the final match winning game,Arostotle was on for goal, he raised his scoring leg with all his might & struck the footcube, immediate pain seared through his calf & up his leg,the footcube awkwardly toppled around a bit randomly before coming to rest "half on" "half off" on the goal line..the Ref declare "No Goal"! the final whistle blew & Athens FC had fallen ;(

      As wise man once said "Power is nothing...without Control"
      so fix the bugs and support MFi Controllers you know it makes sense!

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Re: Broken MFi Games

PostPosted by Kevin » Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:50 am

Good idea for a thread!

I went on a big testing spree a few months ago, and I put together a list of games with partial or broken support. I don't remember the details of all of them anymore, but I'll see if I can dig up my list and post it here
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Re: Broken MFi Games

PostPosted by Kevin » Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:58 pm

Arc War
Bounty Arms
Boxing Champs
Chasing Yello
The Collectables
Diversion for Kids
Dungeon of Legends
Dungeon of Legends Lite
Fractal Combat
Gangster Granny
Lazer Hawk
Octagon - A Minimal Arcade Game with Maximum Challenge
Sports Car Parking 3D
T.E.C 3001
Truck Simulator 3D
Vendetta Online
Walking Dead: The Game

Not sure what the deal with these is anymore, I listed then a while ago. I know some have partial support and others are listed as compatible on other lists or apps but aren't in my testing
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Re: Broken MFi Games

PostPosted by Administrator » Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:40 pm

Yeh looks about right with my testing also;)
Will try to keep this upto date, and hassle game dev's accordingly.
Cheers Kev !
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Re: Broken MFi Games

PostPosted by Kevin » Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:59 pm

Part of the problem is Unity. Unity added "automatic" controller support a while ago, so any game that uses Unity's default camera and movement controls works with a controller for them. The problem is, most developers don't even know about that, let alone test for it or implement it for buttons. So we have a bunch of games that report themselves as supporting controllers, but have very incomplete support.

Once I realized rhat, I stopped cataloging which games had partial support :(
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