Anyone using MOGA Rebel?

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Anyone using MOGA Rebel?

PostPosted by Kawalin » Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:01 pm

Hi Guys

I recently purchased a MOGA Rebel from Apple Store. It's been working OK but I'm just super confused by the battery level indicator on the controller. I have no idea if the controller is fully charged or nearly empty. Whenever i press the battery button on the controller, all 4 LED lights come up. And when I plug it into a powered USB cable, all 4 lights come up and disappear, and remain unlit. I have no idea if the controller is charging, or empty, or full.

Can anyone explain the meaning of the 4 LEDs to me please?
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Re: Anyone using MOGA Rebel?

PostPosted by Administrator » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:34 am

Hi & welcome to the site,
Let me explain MOGA Rebel's 4 LED's operation,

Pressing the "Battery button" whilst turned off displays the current battery state
  1. LED = 0-25% left in the battery.
  2. LEDS = 50% left in battery.
  3. LEDS = 75% left in battery.
  4. LEDS = 100% fully charged.

When you plug in the USB to charge it, pressing the "Battery button" displays the charging state
flashing from the current battery level.
IE if your battery level is 0-25% then 1 LED Will be flashing 2 LEDS flashing for 50% ect.. this fills up as the battery charges until it reaches maximum 100% then it just shows 4 leds lit.(not flashing)

If the controller is switched on. pressing the battery button shows the battery level.
If it is asleep or not connected it wakes up the controller, sleep mode is automatic after not being used for a while.
Waking from sleep mode your controller attempts to link to your iOS Device automatically (4 LEDS flash) (if it has previously been connected it will connect automatically,after connected,pressing the battery button displays the battery level.

The 4 LED's are also used to display Player ID when connected to game. , IE Player1=LED1, Player 2=LED2 etc. although iv'e not seen any 4 player games that use this feature yet.
Hope this isn't too confusing & answers your question.
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