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iPOD 6th Gen

PostPosted by Administrator » Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:57 am

Apple Just launched a refresh of their iPod range, more notability for MFi Gaming is the iPod Touch 6th Generation
The iPod Touch 6th Gen specs compared to the iPod Touch 5th Gen are a very welcome upgrade for gamers.

Hardware Upgrades
The iPod 6th Gen basically has the same gaming power as an iPhone6, sporting an A8 CPU which allows GPU METAL Rendering. (you know the nice shiny stuff)
Here's a full list of MFi Controller supported METAL enhanced games.
iPod 6th Gen also Has the faster WiFi chipset of 802.11ac , which means Airplay will be much improved on current ATV's (3rd Gen Rev2), and looking towards the future will be even more so when Apple get around to releasing an Apple TV (4th Gen) refresh.
  • However please note: iPod Touch 6th Gen did not receive the Touch ID finger print sensor or NFC chip used for Apple Pay found on iPhone6.
  • It is also unclear whether the the new iPod has the latest Video decoder/encoder chip capable of H.265 video compression,the tech specs claim not, as not supporting this will impact future Airplay Functionality.(iPhone6/6+/iPadAir2 already support this new standard so are "future proof" in this respect)

Size and Dimensions:
Well nothing has changed here from the iPod 5th Gen, which means iPod 6th gen is compatible with MFi form fitting controllers such as the MOGA Ace Power & Logitech PowerShell, it also has Blueooth4.1 as standard so all other Bluetooth controllers will work fine.
Both Formfitting controllers are @ a seriously low sale price on Amazon check em out here.

Pricing & Options
The pricing Option Range is also very reasonable for such a gaming powerhouse.
Here's Apples pricing structure:
*Note Purchasing a Red iPod donates a % of each sale to African Aids research & relief, so please consider this if purchasing a new iPod.

Click here to link to Apples iPod 6th Gen Specs page.

The iPod Touch 6th Gen refresh coupled with the formfitting controllers above is the cheapest way to get into MFi Controller Gaming without the hassle of monthly contracts, & experience the latest METAL enhanced games running very smoothly on the speedy A8 CPU.

YouTube Review

iPod Touch 5th Gen Compared to iPod Touch 6th Gen
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Re: iPOD 6th Gen

PostPosted by Administrator » Sat Jul 25, 2015 4:41 pm

GeekBench 3 results compared to iPod 5th Gen

6 X the performance boost over iPod 5th Gen!

Although it's very fast compared to it's predecessor it's not quite the power of an iPhone 6.
The new iPod 6th Gen has the same A8 chip as found the iPhone 6 ,but it's clocked a little slower @1.13 GHz over the iPhone 6's 1.4 GHz hence we see a performance drop in comparision.

Our opinion:
The decline in sales of iPod is basically because of its intended use not being unique or relevant anymore, ie (a music player) as practically everything else (including my toaster) can play MP3's now, i would go as far to say the iPhone itself helped in the popularity decline of iPod.
This 6th Gen revision is however a transition between Music & Gaming, as although its still a great music player, it''s most strongest feature is a portable handheld gaming machine.
Couple this with an MFi Game controller and you have the latest METAL enhanced A8 gaming powerhouse in your pocket.
Another selling feature is for younger kids whose parents don't allow them cellphones or students who can't afford the monthly cellular tariffs.

Go grab one now from your nearest Apple store. (We recommend the 32GB version as games take up a lot more space than music)
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